Our Story

Red Dot Sighting Technology Originator Quality red dot sights made in Sweden

Aimpoint is the recognized worldwide leader and innovator of red dot sighting technology. For over 45 years, we have been working closely with experienced hunters and marksmen as well as professional users around the world.

During all these years, we have seen that the Aimpoint electronic red dot sight has revolutionized mid-range to short-range moving target shooting techniques and has become the number one choice for reliability, durability and performance.

Aimpoint® red dot sights are today globally recognized as the fastest, most rugged, and most efficient electronic small arms sighting system in the world.

Company Philosophy

  • When it is time to pull the trigger, there should be absolutely no question that you can count on your sight to perform.


  • We design our products to operate constantly-on for years powered by a single battery so your sight will always be ready whenever you need it.


  • We believe that a red dot sight should simplify aiming while meeting the highest possible requirements for reliability and ruggedness.


  • We know that conditions in the field place extreme demands on your equipment, so we design and test Aimpoint products to stand up to any conditions you are likely to encounter.


The Originator of the red dot sight

It all started in 1974, when a Swedish sport shooter and hunter attempted to improve his moving target shooting performance. With the financial help of entrepreneur Gunnar Sandberg, he started exploring ways to improve shooting accuracy. Their goal was simple but ambitious - to create a sighting technology that would allow shooters to acquire their target quickly, and to hit moving targets in all weather and lighting conditions consistently and accurately.

Together they started developing an electronic red dot sight, and in 1975 Aimpoint AB was founded. Later the same year the company’s first red dot sight, the Aimpoint Electronic, was introduced to the market.

In the early 90’s, Law Enforcement and Military users started to understand how the red dot sighting technology could improve the speed and accuracy in their field of operations. In 1997, we signed the first contract with the US Army to deliver 100,000 Aimpoint CompM sights to thir armed forces. Also known as the M68CCO, these sights have been continuously modified and over 1 million units have been delivered to the US Army since then. Nowadays, Aimpoint sights are in service with most NATO countries and numerous police agencies and special teams worldwide.

Product image with the red dot optic Aimpoint Electronic
Aimpoint Electronic - the world's
very first electronic red dot sight.
Hunter with the first red dot sight on the market - Aimpoint Electronic

Manufacturing and Quality

Aimpoint is a Swedish company, located in Sweden and with a subsidiary in the US. We have two production facilities located in Sweden, one in Malmö at the head office and one in Gällivare.

Each sight is built by hand, assigned an individual identification number, and undergoes rigorous testing and numerous quality control checks during the manufacturing process. They are designed for use in the real world and can handle rough treatment and all imaginable weather conditions.

The production meets the highest quality standards and Aimpoint AB is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

The manufacturing environment at Aimpoint is similar to a laboratory with highly trained experts building red dot sights by hand using advanced optical/mechanical production equipment.

The components are cleaned with ultrasound and assembled in a clean environment at our factory. Products are rigorously tested before being approved for shipment. This is why Aimpoint can offer a generous warranty with its products.

At Aimpoint, we take great pride in making sure that neither hazardous nor radioactive materials are used in our sights. 

Aimpoint the originator of the red dot sight produces high quality optics in Sweden.
Aimpoint AB is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015