Why should I use a red dot sight?


To be successful, every shooter must be able to aim accurately and quickly under a variety of conditions. On a shooting range, there is plenty of time to take aim, but in the real world, everything is in fast motion. Add rough terrain, foul weather and high levels of stress and even the most experienced marksman will be put to the test.


The single red dot has been proven to be the fastest type of reticle to place on target and provides the greatest increase in hit probability on close quarter moving targets. Red dot sights allow you to remain focused on the target. Shooting with both eyes open means that you remain in touch with what is going on around you, and can deal with new situations as they arise.

Red dot sights are superior to iron sights and scopes in several ways. Using these other types of aiming devices require that your focus leaves the target.

In practice this means:

Red dot sights

With red dot sights you remain focus on the target, you simply place the dot on the target and you pull trigger.

The point of aim is the point of impact.

Iron sights

With iron sights, hunters must align the rear and front sights with the target - waste of valuable time.

Magnifying scopes

With magnifying scopes, the field of vision is severely limited and locating your target through a tube with one eye closed wastes valuable time and destroys your situational awareness.