Print your Aimpoint® Zeroing Target

It will save you time and ammunition at the shooting range!

This zeroing target helps you to zero your sight in a very easy way while you're at the shooting range.

Compared to regular shooting targets, zeroing with the Aimpoint zeroing target - is more precise and it will save you time and ammunition at the shooting range.

You no longer have to estimate the number of clicks needed to zero the sight. Each square equals a pre-determined number of click adjustments at a certain distance (25m, 50m or 100m). You will save many shots at the range.

There is a zeroing target available for each sight model in the current Aimpoint product line.

Just print the appropriate zeroing target, which is available in Lettersize pdf format, and bring it with you to the shooting range.

If you need further instruction about how to zero your sight, please select the alternative below which suits You best:

Step by step - with Aimpoint zeroing target
Animation - with standard shooting target

Choose and print the zeroing target for the sight model you wish to zero:

NOTE: The PDF must be print in "actual size"

  • The print preference "actual size" is found somewhere in your printing window, see an example below.

  • If the "actual size" option isn't found in your print widow, try to find an option similar to: " No page scale"

  • Once you have printed the target, check that the squares equals to the size specified in the top left corner of the printed target.