Aimpoint External Social Media Policy

Aimpoint External Social Media Policy

Aimpoint encourages comments on our social media posts; however, we may not be able to respond to all comments, we don’t review comments before they're posted and the comments are not to be considered as opinions expressed or endorsed by Aimpoint. We expect a high level of civility; mutual respect is expected. The use of obscene or abusive language will not be allowed. Comments that are deemed inappropriate will be deleted. By posting on our social media site, you give Aimpoint the right to delete, reproduce, distribute, publish, display and otherwise use your submission. 

Aimpoint operates and maintains its social media site as a public service to provide information about Aimpoint products, events and activities. We assume no liability for any incorrectness the social media site may contain and do not guarantee that it will be uninterrupted, permanent or error‐free.

Aimpoint may include links to other social media sites and outside websites that offer helpful resources for users but is not responsible for the content that appears on these outside links and provides these links as a convenience only.

When embedding content from the Aimpoint social media site, organizations or individuals must not present the content as their own or misinform users about the origin or ownership of Aimpoint’s social media site content. Embedded content should not in any way suggest that Aimpoint has any relationship or affiliation with that organization or that Aimpoint endorses, sponsors or recommends the information, products or services of that site.

All information and materials generated by Aimpoint and provided on the Aimpoint social media site are the property of Aimpoint. Aimpoint retains copyright on all text, graphic images and other content that was produced by Aimpoint and found on the page. Commercial use of text, Aimpoint logos, photos and other graphics is prohibited without the written permission of Aimpoint.