Worldwide Hunting Aimpoint Hunts The Globe Film Collection


Watch hunters explore and experience wildlife and nature in various environments
around the world as they go hunting with Aimpoint red dot sights mounted on their rifles.

Here on the Aimpoint website all films in the Aimpoint hunts the globe film collection will be published.

The film collection shows hunters in the actual hunting situation on various safari tours in different countries, for example South Africa and Australia.

Meet hunters like the former world’s strongest man Magnus Samuelsson and his brother Torbjörn as they go hunting African plains game, bush pigs and Cape Buffalo.

Each film or episode is published on the page Aimpoint hunts the globe during spring and summer 2020.  They will be released one by one with approximately one month between.

However, if you wish to be first to watch, sign up for Aimpoint e-Club membership. All Aimpoint e-Club members are offered preview of each film release approximately one month prior to the public on the page e-Club Specials.

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