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Meet three hunters and learn more about their preferred choice of Aimpoint® red dot sight for driven hunts.



I started hunting as a child with my father. We used to go on roe deer hunts with shotguns. Seven years ago, I got my hunters exam. Since then, hunting is a big part of my life.

I enjoy stalking for roebuck, experiencing nature in August, but the driven hunts with my friends is a certain adrenalin boost!

I also take proud in offering my family the best meat possible. I hunt for about 35 days a year.

My favourite game on a driven hunt is moose. Wild boar hunting is also exciting, for sure. But when you have a hunt for moose, red deer and wild boar at the same time there is extra excitement in the air.

I go hunting with a Browning bar Zenith 30-06. For me that is the ultimate driven hunt rifle. To match that I have a H34L sight from Aimpoint. This is the ultimate driven hunt sight for me. I appreciate the excellent light transmission and I think that it has an elegant design!

Dick Larsson - A driven hunter - Aimpoint red dot sight



I went on my first hunt when I was 2 years old, together with my parents. When I was 8 I got my first air rifle and started practising. I got my hunters exam when I was 16 years old and since then I have been hunting as much as I can. Hunting means everything to me. It is part of my DNA. I grew up in a family with generations of hunters behind us.

I love cooking and for me, the fantastic meat is as amazing as the hunt itself. Everything from pheasants, ducks, and deer to wild boar. This is top-quality meat, also it is healthy and 100% ecological.

I hunt as much as I can, about 150 days per year. I go hunting in most of Germany, sometimes in Romania, Spain, Austria and France. Driven hunt is at its best, those beautiful cold winter mornings. Your adrenaline starts pumping when you hear the dogs in the woods or when you hear some fast shots from your neighbours. You value the fellowship with your friends and the lunch break when you share your experiences.

When I go hunting I use my Blaser R8, with a 19mm barrel. It is heavy, but stable in the swing. I hunt with the calibre 30.06. I always use my Aimpoint Micro H-2 2 MOA on driven hunts. It is small and compact but at the same time robust. Also, I am a big fan of the flip-up covers. I’ve had the sight for years without having to change the battery.

Carl Gustaf Shulin-Howaldt - A driven hunter - Aimpoint red dot sight



Known from the Wild Boar Fever Series 
I went on my first hunt when I was 7 years old. I was so amazed by hunting, wildlife, and nature that it has had a significant meaning in my life ever since then. It has become a lifestyle for me, and I can’t imagine life without it. Having such a passion for something often means that you spend a lot of time on it, leading to efforts in your personal life.

I cannot imagine a life without hunting. When I go hunting, I feel that I am one with nature. When going on a walk you only feel like a guest but when you go hunting you become part of nature. Hunting is a lifestyle for me, and it has impact on what I eat, what I read, what car I drive, where I live, who my friends are, what my home looks like and even what I dream about! In my family we eat a lot of wild game meat and fish.

I go hunting over 100 days per year, in Denmark where I live as well as abroad. It is the unexpected, the excitement and the surprises that is facinating with hunting. You never know that the day will be like. I often go on driven hunts with many participants, when nature is at is best. From fall when the driven hunt starts to the snow-covered landscape at the end of the season. Driven hunts can also be meditative sometimes. When you are on your post for hours just watching nature. Then 3 hours can feel like 30 minutes.

Driven hunting is demanding for concentration, shooting techniques, weapon handling and wildlife knowledge. At the same time, you need to stay calm in intense situations, when the wild game approaches and I love it! It means treasured challenges for me. Driven hunts require a lot of practicing on the shooting range or the shooting cinema. I really enjoy the practicing on the shooting range so that is an extra bonus as well.

My favourite wild game is wild boar and moose. Booth species have a predictable behaviour which leads to good opportunities for taking shots. The meat ending up at the dinner table of my family also adds to the experience.

I use different types of rifles and ammunition for hunting. For driven hunts I mostly use Blaser R8 or Sauer 404, calibre 270 WM or 300 WM, and a bullet that is not too hard, for these hunts I prefer a bullet that is not too hard. The last 10 years I have had the pleasure of using several Aimpoint sights that have been launched during this time.

Now I have an Acro sight on my rifle. I think that the square field of view suits me and I really like the design.

Jens Kjaer-Knudsen - A driven hunter - Aimpoint red dot sight

It is important for me that the edges of the sight do not interfere with the view, meaning that the housing should be as invisible as possible. That is how the Acro sight feels for me.

I am impressed about how precisely you can make a shot from 100 meters with a non-magnifying sight like Aimpoint red dot sights. My Acro sight is always mounted on my rifle when I go hunting.

Hunting with an Aimpoint sight in the woods gives a great advantage as it allows for fast shots on moving or standing games. It is easy to change the light intensity of your sight during the hunt, according to how daylight changes during the day. This was useful for me when I was in the Congo rainforest, shooting red river hog with my Aimpoint sight. Aimpoint has an unprecedented quality and I never had any problems with any of my Aimpoint sights. Also, I never have had to change the battery since I started using these sights.