Aimpoint introduces Aimpoint CompM4s® sight

In 2006, the US Army ran a series of competitive tests to determine if there was another sight available that performed better than their existing Aimpoint CompM2’s. When the testing was completed, an Aimpoint sight was once again proven to be the best available. That sight, the Aimpoint CompM4, has been standardized as the US Army’s new M68CCO and has been chosen by the Norwegian Army.

To accommodate our customers, the CompM4 sight is now available with a low battery compartment, and is called Aimpoint CompM4s. In all other aspects, the CompM4s is identical to the Aimpoint CompM4.

The Aimpoint CompM4 and CompM4s red dot sights are new products differencing themselves from the previous sight on several features. They rely on a single AA battery to provide a 'constant on' of up to 80,000 hours or 8 years.

The CompM4 sights have an improved quick release mount (QRP2) integrated with the sight, a feature that improves speed and ease when mounting the sight on the weapon, improving the effectiveness of the individual soldier.

When combined with user friendliness, the ability to obtain a fast and accurate target acquisition in any type of light condition, unrivalled ruggedness, ability to function in all types of weather conditions and outstanding long operational life on a single battery, the CompM4 sights are virtually unmatched in the market.