Wild Game Recipes

Aimpoint e-Club Wild Game Recipes created by the Swedish Chef Peter J. Skogström

Wild Boar Kebab with Pickles and Chili Mayo

Lightly Smoked Hare Fillet with Asparagus, Hazelnutsand Cream Cheese

Seasoned Wild Duck with Vinegar Pork and Thyme-Pickled Beets

Moose Tartar with Jalapeno, onion,rye crisps & carrots

Wild Chili Stew with Bread and Sour Cream

Wild Boar Stew With apricots, almonds and juniper berries

Fallow Deer Stew with Root Vegetables and Mushrooms

Roe deer burgers with mustard crème and pickles

Pulled Turkey with Bloody Mary Salsa

Wild Boar Ribs With beetrot, pickled orange and thyme yoghurt

Wild Game Sausage With lemon cabbage

Fallow Deer Roast With Thyme and Savoy Cabbage Rolls