Pulled Turkey

Pulled Turkey with Bloody Mary Salsa 4 Servings


1pcsTurkey Thigh
2pcsCelery Stalks
14oz/400gTomatoes, Mixed Colors
1in/2cmRed Chili
3tbspTomato Juice
1tbspWorcestershire Sauce
1tbspVodka or Water
1tbspLemon Juice
2tbspOlive Oil, Extra Virgin
1tbspHoney or Maple Syrup
Salt and Pepper


The Turkey
  1. Braise in oven or on grill until tender

The Salsa
  1. Wash the vegetables

  2. Cut the selery and the onion thinly

  3. Cut the tomatoes in wedges

  4. Chop the chili finely

  5. Mix all the ingredients into a lovely salsa with a bite

  6. Flavour with olive oil, lemon juice, honey and Tabasco

  7. Add salt and pepper

  8. Serve with pulled turkey