Wild Boar Collar

Spicy Rub Wild Boar Collar with BBQ Sauce 4 Servings


1.3lb/600gWild Boar Collar
2tbspChili Flakes
1tbspGreen Pepper
1tbspMustard Powder
1tbspPaprika Powder, Smoked
BBQ Sauce
1pcsRed Onion
1pcsSolo Garlic
0.5pcsRed Chili Pepper
1tbspCoriander Seeds
1tbspPaprika Powder, Smoked
0.5/1dlSoy, Japanese
2tbspRed Wine Vinegar
0.5cup/1dlCane Sugar
1.5cup/3dlCrushed Tomatoes
Fresh White Cabbage/Point Cabbage


The Meat
  1. Grind the spices coarsely
  2. Rub the meat with the spice mix, and put it on the grill
  3. When reached a core temperature of 65-70º C (150-160º F) remove from grill and let rest uncovered for about 15 minutes before cutting it up
The Sauce
  1. Chop onion, carrot and fennel in small cubes and fry in oil

  2. Add sliced garlic and chili.

  3. Add the rest of the ingredients in the pot and cook for 10-20 minutes

  4. Season with salt and pepper and perhaps mix with a stick blender