Wild Boar Ribs

Wild Boar Ribs with Beetroot, Pickled Orange & Thyme Yoghurt 4 Servings


1 SideRibs of Wild Boar/Pork/Lamb
3tbspTiger Sauce
3tbspBBQ Sauce
6pcsBeetroots, Large
1pcsOrange, Only use the Peel
1pcsScallion, Shredded
1cup/2dl Yoghurt
3tbspPicked Thyme
Salt and Pepper


The Ribs
  1. Part and boil the the ribs in salt water for approximately 30 min, rinse and let cool

  2. Rub the ribs with honey, Tiger- and BBQ-sauce, salt and pepper

  3. Cook the ribs on the grill while glazing them

The Beetroots
  1. Cut the orange peel into fine strips

  2. Bring sugar and water to the boil, add the peel and boil for one minute and let cool

  3. Shred or slice the beetroots as thin as possible using a mandoline slicer or potato peeler

  4. Slice the scallion

  5. Mix the beetroot, pickled orange and scallion

  6. Flavour with salt pepper and some vinegar

Pickled Yoghurt
  1. Mix yoghurt with freshly picked and chopped thyme, cumin, salt and pepper

  2. Enjoy!