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Since its introduction in 2015 Micro H-2 has become Aimpoint’s most popular red dot sight and now a Driven Hunt Version in extremely durable orange Cerakote® coating is released as a limited edition.

Aimpoint Micro H-2 sight in a new Driven Hunt version

Ever since their introduction in 2015, response to the Aimpoint® Micro H-2 sight has been outstanding, with wide acceptance by hunters, competitive and sport shooters. Listening to the end user is part of Aimpoint’s doctrine and one request from enthusiastic hunters was to modify the Micro H-2 in a unique way.

The result is our limited-edition kit specifically designed for driven hunt purposes. Geared towards dog keepers and trackers that require visibility in the woods, we’ve matched the same bright orange that’s often seen in their clothing and accessories. This kit is the perfect accessory for driven hunt hunters worldwide.

The new orange matte finish of the Micro H-2 combined with a few branded accessories will be sold as “The Driven Hunt Kit.” This 2018 limited-edition kit includes the following:

  • 2 MOA orange Micro H-2 sight with a weaver base
  • Hunter orange Aimpoint cap, Aimpoint gun sling, Aimpoint bolt knob
  • Wild Boar Fever 8 DVD
  • A numbered 1 to 1000 certificate of the limited edition signed by Aimpoint President Lennart Ljungfelt

The extremely durable orange Cerakote® coating is tested to withstand corrosion, impacts, scratches, heat and harsh chemicals. It also offers maximum hardness, durability and adhesion.

This driven hunt package is a limited-edition of 1000 units and will start shipping in April 2018. To be sure you are amongst the few to secure this kit, visit your local Aimpoint dealer today.