A small driven hunt was planned between four friends in the heart of Sörmland. The last heat of the summer reminded me and the mood was at its peak. A driven hunt with only four hunters may sound on the low side, but can be oh so effective. There is less movement in the forest, and the dogs can work more undisturbed with the game.

Two of us went as dog handlers with each dog, me and the fourth guy stood ready on the best stand on the hunting ground. My first stand was on a small cliff next to a field. The sun was shining and I had to turn up my red dot sight to brightness level 9 to have a clear dot in the low sunlight of the morning. It was not long before the barks of the dogs echoed across the forest, and soon after that a red deer mama accompanied by a calf came out at the edge of the forest. They took off along the field, about 80 meters away. My Blaser R8 was cocked, I swung along and fired. The calf fell in its steps and the female continued running and leaving the hunting grounds. Best possible start of the day!

After a short brake, some coffee and many happy laughs, it was time for a new drive. This time I chose a stand beside a open cutting area. The terrain was hilly with plenty of large stumps and rocks. It was a really nice stand, but as always doubtful if the game would venture out on the open surfaces. But my worries would soon turn out to be unjustified, because there would be a lot of action. The dogs found a bull moose right next to a spruce plantation. Several of us saw the moose, but unfortunately it was not legal. A bunch of wild boar was also glimpsed, but unfortunately they slipped out with one of the dogs right behind them.

The dog handlers did a good job and created a lot of movement in the area, and as the drive slowed down and I got ready to break, one of the dog handlers reported that there was red deer on its way in my direction.

My senses were reactivated and I quickly got ready and checked the bright spot on the Aimpoint sight, so that everything was still perfect. Not long after, I heard a twig break at the edge of the forest and a magnificent red stag was on its way over the open area, straight towards my stand. Now it was just to stay still and wait for him to hopefully show his broad side. Seconds felt like minutes, but eventually the stag turned around and I squeezed the trigger. The shot felt good, but the adrenaline-pumped deer ran about 60 meters before hitting the ground. And it was with relief I was reported to my friends that a 12-pointer is down.

It is on hunts like this, with great variety of situations and game in motion, that the red dot sight really shines. Being able to shoot with both eyes open, with full control of the surroundings while focusing on the game, is a great advantage. I love driven hunting together with dogs, and I shoot about 90 percent of all my game during the season with my Aimpoint Micro H-2 - and constantly state that it is an incredibly good sight when it comes to fast situations.

As of today, the deer skull is boiled, bleached and mounted on the wall. A 12-pointer who, if he had not been a real fighter during the rut, had kept one of his right points and been a 13-pointer. Nevertheless, it is a real dream trophy and a memory from a day of hunting that I will never forget.