Aimpoint continues US Army supply

Aimpoint AB is pleased and proud to announce that the US Army has once again selected the CompM2 (M68) passive Red Dot Sight system from Aimpoint AB to go with their M4 carbines and their M16 rifles.

The order is for almost 70,000 Red Dot Sights to be supplied over the coming 10 months. The order is an amendment to current contracts with the US Army, within which Aimpoint has previously supplied near 200,000 M68 sights.

This contract with the US Army is the largest single order for small arms optical sights in the world. Aimpoint AB, a part of the Swedish GS-Development Group, has previously won similarly large contracts to supply the French Army, the Swedish Army, the Italian Army and continues to supply Special Forces and Law Enforcement world wide.

“Since 1997, we have monthly delivered an important amount of sights to the US Army. Being and remaining a supplier to the US Army year after year is a sign that Aimpoint is a reliable company, maintaining its position at the fore front of the technology with high quality products and delivery precision. And it is our intention to continue in this way – as a reliable supplier to dedicated professionals.,” says Lennart Ljungfelt at Aimpoint AB.