Aimpoint introduces Concealed Engagement Unit: The Aimpoint® CEU™

The Aimpoint CEU is mounted behind the Aimpoint sight and rotates a full 260° allowing the operator to safely look around either right or left-hand corners, up staircases or down tunnels from almost any angle.

Since the Aimpoint CEU does not affect the sight’s point of impact, the CEU can easily be passed from one operator to another using the company’s revolutionary TwistMount™. Most importantly, the compound optics contained in the CEU gives the operator a true image, not the distorted mirror image found in the cheap reflective devices currently being offered on the market. 

Originally prototyped in 2005, the CEU was completely re-engineered following reviews of the initial concept with active military units. Compatible with all Aimpoint sights, the new Aimpoint CEU is much smaller and lighter than the originally planned design, reducing the weight of the unit by more than 50%. The stabilized internal optics were optimized for better image quality, allowing targets to be identified and engaged more rapidly. A lanyard loop was added to aid in retention of the unit, and the chassis design was changed to allow the CEU to be quickly stripped from the weapon if required. The CEU can be used as a hand held viewing device.

This product requires an end-user certificate.