Aimpoint launches adapters to combine reflex sights and magnified scopes

Military Product Development Benefits Hunters and Shooters.

Recent Aimpoint military contracts including the US Navy’s ECOS-O program, and the US Army’s Sniper Quick Fire Sight (SQFS) program have highlighted the advantages of placing a non-magnified red dot sight onto magnified scopes. This same concept is now being offered to the hunter or sport shooter who wants to add additional speed and performance to their existing magnified optics.

Using an adapter, hunters can now mount an Aimpoint Micro H-1 sight directly onto their magnified scope. The sight allows rapid, both eyes open target acquisition, and allows the hunter to direct their shot using the red dot sight, or quickly transition to the magnified scope for longer distances. The speed and accuracy benefit of this integrated system offers big advantages in performance, while keeping additional size and weight to a minimum. By using a military rail interface, the Micro sight can quickly be removed from the scope mount for use on other firearms.