Aimpoint launches the 4th generation of CompM sights

In 2006, the US Army ran a series of competitive tests to determine if there was another sight available that performed better than their existing Aimpoint CompM2’s. When the testing was completed, an Aimpoint sight was once again proven to be the best available.

That sight, the Aimpoint CompM4, has been standardized as the Army’s new M68CCO and is now available in the North American market. The US Army has recently awarded Aimpoint with a contract for 163,000 of these sights.

The electronic components in the CompM4 improve upon Aimpoint’s existing state-of-the-art ACET diode circuitry, allowing this new sight to run constantly for over 8 years on a single AA battery. The CompM4 features an internal voltage regulator that allows the sight to operate on any AA size battery available worldwide.