Aimpoint Shooting Academy in Germany

We had 20 lucky winners participating in the Aimpoint Shooting Academy last week.

In a recent competition, 20 participants won a spot at the Aimpoint Shooting Academy in Germany last week. A shooting instructor from Aimpoint conducted a day of training with the goal of improving the shooting skills of these lucky winners. The participants got exclusive training in shooting techniques and shooting moving game. Also, each of the 20 winners received an Aimpoint® Micro H-2. 

The winners were:

Niklas Bentrup, Julius Jolmes, Max Wilbert, Tobias Ehrlich, Manfred Issler, Daniel Schlarmann, Victor Falke, Max Greissner, Roland Hein, Thomas Blüthner, Jan Uchtmann, Christian von Wallbrunn, Arno Grieseler, Roland Gripp, Jan Hausstätter, Benjamin Kern, Harald Seitz, Gero Buchartz, Klaus Harant and Arndt Reinecke.