New website launched

Aimpoint is proud to announce that we are launching our new website on April 7th 2004.

We have received many suggestions from our visitors and we have tried to incorporate as many of those as possible while working on this new website. We hope that you will like the changes we have made, and we will continue to update it with useful information as necessary.

What’s new
We start a photo contest for hunters. We are looking for your best action shots using an Aimpoint sight. The photo contest ends on June 15th. The first prize is an Aimpoint sight of your choice. More info to be found in the hunting section.

We are also launching a real story testimonial area for professionals using Aimpoint sights in their job. We know how important these people are for their communities and countries and we are very interested in collecting and sharing their stories with all of you. If you want to share your story or to read about professionals’ stories, go to the law enforcement or military section.

We have separated our different markets in 4 categories to make it simpler and more interesting for the visitor.

Major changes
More complete and easier to navigate
New photos
More complete product presentations with photos.

Are you an Aimpoint member?
If you are not already an Aimpoint member, we invite you to take this opportunity to become one in order to receive information and special offers directly from Aimpoint headquarters on a regularly basis.