Only by Aimpoint® Campaign in hunting stores!

A pre-release offer exclusively for Aimpoint customers.

In co-operation with Hunters Video, the campaign Only by Aimpoint® is available in selected stores during a limited time this autumn.

Selected stores are recognized by the campaign poster.

The campaign is exclusively for customers who buy an Aimpoint® sight prior October 31st 2014.

It offers the Aimpoint customer a pre-release edition of the DVD "The Best Of" Wild Boar Fever for free prior to its release to the public the 1st of November 2014.

This movie, made by Hunters Video, has all the best moments of the Wild Boar Fever 1-5 DVD-series gathered on a single DVD.

Additional value in this campaign is a voucher of €150 to pick up in the stores, the voucher gives access to more films from Hunters Video!

Total Campaign value: €184