SWAT Round-UP 2005


SWAT Round-Up International 2005 is now over and we at Aimpoint congratulate "TEAM SWEDEN" for its excellent performance.

3rd place overall and the best international team is TEAM SWEDEN’s best finish since its first participation.

"Our goal was to be in the top five and to be the best international team" says Thomas Forström, one of the team members.

"We knew we could do it, but it is a highly challenging competition and small errors can be fatal. Many teams present at the SWAT Round-up are teams which have been trained especially for that competition and this makes our 3rd place an even better achievement. We are proud of our results even if we could have done even better. Margins are extremely narrow" says Thomas.

"TEAM SWEDEN is sponsored by Aimpoint and we want to take the opportunity to thank Aimpoint for their support and for a fantastic product, which makes the difference for us, both in competition and on duty" adds Thomas.

The other Swedish Team present at the SWAT Round-up, "Piketen Stockholm" finished in 22nd place because of an error in the first event.

The first overall place went to Orlando Police Department – Gold (FL).

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