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Aimpoint® Mark III Red dot reflex sight  - 1

Intended use

  • Hunting


  • Shooting Sports

    Shooting Sports

Aimpoint® Mark IIIRed dot reflex sight


  • Designed to be mounted on Weaver bases

  • Equipped with polarizing filters

  • Battery type: RM1N (2 pcs) - Very difficult to find!

  • Automatically adjusted dot intensity, dot remain at the same contrast regardless the outer lighting conditions

Product description

On the Aimpoint® MarkIII compared to older sights, all mechanical adjustments were removed and integrated in to the sight itself. The sight was equipped with an optical adjustment device and photo diodes for an automatic adjustment of the intensity of the dot.

No technical specifications are available for this product. Please refer to the owner's manual at the bottom of this page for further information.

Specifications & documents

  • General specifications
  • Optical Information
  • Power Source Information
  • Technology Information
  • Documents and zeroing targets

General specifications

1X - No Magnification

Optical Information

* MOA (minute of angle)
1 MOA ≈ 30 mm at 100 meters ≈ 1 in at 100 yards
1X - No Magnification
Dot color

Power Source Information

Battery type
RM1N - Very hard to find!
Power switch
Rotary Switch

Technology Information

Operating principle
Reflex collimator sight - red dot sight