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CompM ML™ Red dot reflex sight  - 1

Intended use

  • Law Enforcement

    Law Enforcement

  • Military


CompM ML™Red dot reflex sight


  • A ruggedised version of the Aimpoint Comp model

Product description

Since the pistol shooting and above all, the Practical shooting (IPSC) increased during 1993, a smaller and lighter sight intended for handguns, Aimpoint Comp, was developed.

After three years of testing and evaluation, U.S. Army accepted a ruggedised version of the Aimpoint Comp model, called CompM, and in 1997 a three year contract was signed with U.S. Army for 100 000 units.

This product is no longer manufactured. Service is still provided.

Specifications & documents

  • General specifications
  • Optical Information
  • Power Source Information
  • Physical Information
  • Technology Information
  • Documents and zeroing targets

General specifications

1X - No Magnification
Eye relief
Eye relief

Optical Information

1X - No Magnification
Eye relief

Power Source Information

Battery type
1/3N, 3V, Lithium
Power switch
Rotary Switch

Physical Information

Color housing

Technology Information

Operating principle
Reflex collimator sight - red dot sight

Documents and zeroing targets