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CompML XD™ 3 MOA - Red dot reflex sight  - 1

Intended use

  • Law Enforcement

    Law Enforcement

  • Military


CompML XD™3 MOA - Red dot reflex sight


  • A smaller and lighter red dot sight for handguns

  • The Aimpoint® XD diode was introduced to the market in 1999 with improved diode brightness and battery life

  • The XD diode aimed to meet the higher performance need among professional users interested in red dot sight as aiming device

  • All sight models with the XD diode were covered by the at the time recently introduced longer warranty of 10 years

  • 3 MOA dot size

Product description

Since the pistol shooting and above all, the Practical shooting (IPSC) increased during 1993, a smaller and lighter sight intended for handguns, Aimpoint Comp, was developed.

After three years of testing and evaluation, U.S. Army accepted a ruggedised version of the Aimpoint Comp model, called CompM, and in 1997 a three year contract was signed with U.S. Army for 100 000 units. More and more armies showed interest in the new sight and to meet their demands on LED intensity and battery life the so-called XD diode was developed. The new diode increased the intensity by three times and the battery life by five times. At this time Aimpoint introduced its 10 years of warranty on all sights.

Specifications & documents

  • General specifications
  • Optical Information
  • Power Source Information
  • Physical Information
  • Technology Information
  • Documents and zeroing targets

General specifications

Dot size
Dot size
1X - No Magnification
Eye relief
Eye relief

Optical Information

Dot size
1X - No Magnification
Eye relief

Power Source Information

Battery type
1/3N, 3V, Lithium
Power switch
Rotary Switch

Physical Information

Color housing

Technology Information

Operating principle
Reflex collimator sight - red dot sight

Documents and zeroing targets