GAIM Aimpoint



GAIM Immersive Technology Group is a subsidiary of Aimpoint®.

The first shooting simulator was developed to showcase the performance of an Aimpoint® red dot sight in a simulated VR environment. The VR simulators are designed in detail to make your training more efficient, challenging and rewarding – from hunting simulators and shooting practice for home and hunting schools, to weapons handling and scenario practice for police and military training. The groundbreaking technology of the GAIM Virtual Reality Simulator gives hunters and marksmen the possibility to practice in an authentic and entertaining way to master the art of shooting.

GAIM Compact includes a VR Rifle and several hunting modules. It offers the opportunity to hunt in stunningly beautiful environments with anatomically accurate game. The hit zones replicate those that are used in real situations and the shooting techniques are in accordance with what is recommended by professional shooting instructors. GAIM Professional is developed to offer a training solution for Law Enforcement and Military to practice in environments and situations that can be hard to access or build in real life.

The GAIM VR shooting simulators is the perfect solution for those of you who know that the more you train for intensity in advance, the better decisions you’ll make in the moments of truth.

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