Aimpoint® Branded Gear

Our company branded gear is very popular among our end users, the below items might have been seen in our images and movies or on a fellow hunter.

Please check availability with your local Aimpoint® dealer.

Aimpoint® Hunting Cap, Color: Orange

Aimpoint® Cap

Art.No. G0013

Estimated Price: 10€

Aimpoint® Cap

Art.No. G0015

Estimated Price: 10€

Aimpoint® Cap

Art.No. G0019

Estimated Price: 10€

Aimpoint® Knitted Hat

Art.No. G0034

Estimated Price: 15€

Aimpoint® Rifle Sling

Art.No. G0056

Estimated Price: 35€

Aimpoint® Bolt Knob

Art.No. G0060

Estimated Price: 9€

Aimpoint® Lanyard

Art.No. G0031

Estimated Price: 5€