Hunting & Sport Shooting with red dot scope

Many great hunting opportunities happen suddenly. You must be ready when game appears. An Aimpoint® sight gives you a tremendous advantage when every second counts. Aiming with both eyes open allows you to see the animal as well as the surroundings. Instinctively place the red dot on the game, and you are ready to pull the trigger.

Forty Five Years Anniversary

Aimpoint is the recognized worldwide leader and originator of the red dot sighting technology. After more than forty years of working closely with military weapon systems experts, experienced hunters and marksmen around the world, Aimpoint® red dot sights remain the No. 1 choice for combined speed and accuracy.

Aimpoint® Sights Make Precision
Easy For Hunters

Why hunt with an Aimpoint® red dot sight?

In rough terrain, foul weather, poor light and high levels of stress even the most experienced hunter will be put to the test. Tests have proven that the single red dot reticle is the fastest on target, providing the greatest hit probability with moving targets.

With an Aimpoint® sight, you never have to worry about centering the dot inside the sight. Once you see the dot on your target, you’re ready to shoot. Other red dot sights with substantial parallax can cause you to miss by as much as 30 cm (12 inches) at a distance of only 45 meters (50 yards). That can mean the difference between a clean kill and irresponsibly wounding an animal or missing it completely.

Aimpoint® red dot sights give you increased aiming confidence and allow you to remain on target and shoot with both eyes open. If you are a sports shooter, in a competition fractions of a second count and quick target acquisition is essential. Whether you have a rifle, shotgun, handgun, black powder rifle or bow, Aimpoint has a sight for you.

Aimpoint® Micro H-2 - red dot scope

Years of use from one single battery

To achieve the longest possible operating times, Aimpoint has focused on developing a completely new technology called Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology (ACET), which has extremely low power consumption compared to other light sources. Depending on the battery used in our different products, ACET sights can last nearly 50,000 hours.

Standard features of all Aimpoint® sights

• Unlimited field of view
• Parallax-free
• Unlimited eye relief
• Unaffected by extreme weather conditions
• Extremely rugged, durable construction
• No hazardous materials
• No laser emission that could be harmful to your eyes
• Increased aiming confidence and hit probability
• Reduced training time and ammunition consumption
• Battery life measured in years

Aimpoint® red dot optics in action!