New release Aimpoint


Aimpoint® is the worldwide leader & originator of red dot reflex sighting technology. Pioneering electronic red dot sights, Aimpoint continues to improve and advance sighting systems solutions. New products from Aimpoint are designed with input from hunters, law enforcement, military, & sport shooters. Subjected to brutal testing, including exposure to extreme heat, cold, physical abuse, and submersion under water, Aimpoint red dot sights stand up to any challenge.

These new products join Aimpoint’s full line of premium sighting solutions for any weapon platform. Whether it is a hunting rifle, shotgun, bow, muzzleloader, handgun, AR15 carbine type, machine gun or crew served weapons – Aimpoint has the sight you need to get the job done. Each optic is handmade in Sweden and factory zeroed for minimal adjustment when first mounted on your firearm.

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