Riflescope vs red dot sight

Why a red dot sight?

A hunting situation requires fairly often that you act fast. When using an Aimpoint sight you have an advantage. As soon as the red aiming dot is on the target you are getting ready to squeeze the trigger. You keep your both eyes open at all times and focus on the target. By doing this you get a big field of view and you see the whole picture. When using a magnified riflescope the same situation can feel very narrow. Even if you are looking with both eyes open, the eye with the magnification takes over and you don´t have a good view of the situation. In the riflescope you only see a small limited and magnified image. Your focus is at the reticle and you put a lot of time and effort in aiming before you shoot.

When using an Aimpoint sight your chances of a fast and well balanced shoot even at the narrow shooting stand.

When choosing an Aimpoint sight you get:

  • A better overview of the situation
  • A faster shot
  • Safer hunting