New Award Category 2021:


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The Annual Monocular Awards gives hunters opportunity to show the world what hunting is all about.

Each competition entry is a filmed favorite moment selected by a hunter telling a personal experienced real life story from the hunting community.


The 5th annual Monocular Video Awards is now open for submissions. The Monocular Hunting Video Awards is the world's leading hunting video competition and was founded by the Monocular Agency back in 2017.

This Video Award wants to celebrate the storytelling surrounding hunting and the relationship hunters have with nature, conservation and each other. We want to recognize all the wonderful aspects of hunting that can be neglected and at the same time give back to the global hunting community by providing a platform for sharing good stories.

Clips and videos can be submitted in five categories:

1. The Aimpoint Hunting video
A new category this year is The Aimpoint Hunting Video. In this category Aimpoint wants to celebrate the thrill and many advantages of hunting with an Aimpoint sight. As long as the video shows a hunt with an Aimpoint sight it can be submitted!

2. Hunting clip
This category includes short, raw and unedited hunting clips. It does not matter whether you filmed it on your smartphone, DSLR or a video camera!

3. Hunting Video
In this category you have a chance to show off your passion for hunting in a longer edited video. There is no lower or upper limit to the video length.

4. Professional Hunting Video
This category celebrates the most outstanding and inspiring work hunters make professionally. The production value is what separates this category from the Hunting Video. There is no lower or upper limit to the video length.

5. The Community Honour Award
The Hunting Video Award wants to recognize and celebrate a hunter who has made a positive impact to the hunting community this year. Nominate a hunter of your choice with name and your reason.


All videos submitted in The Aimpoint Hunting Award category will be watched by a jury and the 10 best videos will be shortlisted. Of those 10, 3 winners will be chosen.

1st place will win a 3 day event at Aimpoint in Sweden:

  • 1 day of training. Including both rifle on static and running targets as well as shotgun training with the Aimpoint Micro S-1.
  • 1 day of duck hunting with the Aimpoint Micro S-1
  • 1 day of driven hunt for fallow deer and wild boar
  • 1 Aimpoint sight, free choice between all our hunting sights

2nd place will win a hare hunt with Aimpoint in Sweden:

  • 1 day of hare hunting with the Aimpoint Micro S-1
  • 1 Aimpoint sight, free choice between all our hunting sights

3rd place will win a Aimpoint sight, free choice between all our hunting sights.

Submission will be open until of december 2020.

Read more on the official award websiteFacebook and Instagram. The winners will be announced at the live award show in March.