Aimpoint® sights vs Counterfeits

How to recognize a fake Aimpoint® sight The following applies on all red dot sights made by Aimpoint

Identify a genuine Aimpoint sight

This is a guide to recognize a genuine Aimpoint sight and thereby identify a counterfeit/copy.

  • The sight shall only have a red dot.
  • The front lens shall always be red when seen from
    the front. Depending on light conditions the lens may appear orange or green but never blue or clear.
  • All new Aimpoint sights are normally black.
    Exception for tan Micro T-2 and orange Micro H-2 in limited edition.
  • All Aimpoint sights are manufactured in Sweden so beware of sights and packages from China or Hong Kong.
  • The sight shall never have solar cells.
  • Non-transparent flip-up lens covers shall have the Aimpoint logo molded into the front.
  • The sight shall always have a serial number on the side.

Buyer recommendation

It’s always recommended to buy your Aimpoint product from an authorized dealer and to keep
in mind that if you buy a sight online with a price too good to be true then it probably is a copy/fake.

Common counterfeit models

Counterfeit sights are most common on the below listed sight models.

Please use the descriptions of what to look out for when buying these models along with an image of the genuine sight model in the list below.

Micro T-1™

  • Aimpoint logo is always in black and on the side of the sight
  • The 2 adjustment knobs shall be low, about 4 mm
  • The numbers on the intensity switch shall go from 0 to 12
Aimpoint® Micro T-1

Micro T-2™

  • Aimpoint logo is always in black and on the side of the sight
  • The top adjustment knob does not extend beyond its protector
  • The top and the side adjustment knob shall look different
Aimpoint® Micro T-2


  • Aimpoint logo is always in black and on the side of the sight
  • Design of the intensity switch
Aimpoint® CompM3/ML3


  • Aimpoint logo is always in black and on the side of the sight and on the battery tube
  • The top adjustment knobs do not extend beyond its protector
  • Design of the intensity switch
Aimpoint® CompM4


  • The Aimpoint logo shall be written with letters raised above the background
  • Aimpoint logo not white
  • Aimpoint logo not in italic
  • Serial number and screws on bottom of magnifier
Product image: Aimpoint® 3XMag magnifying module prepared for mounting.
Aimpoint® 3XMag

Fake Aimpoint sights Common drawbacks

  • Short battery life
  • Does not maintain zero
  • Does not withstand drops or excessive shocks
  • Does not withstand recoil
  • Does not withstand water or other weather conditions

If any doubts Contact us

If you have any doubt about the authenticity of an Aimpoint® product, please send a mail to:

[email protected]