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  • Why is the rubber of the lens covers and/or of the rubber cover greyish?

    To reach maximum protection level for all weather conditions, wax is added into the rubber mixture.

    The wax will slowly migrate to the surface of the part. During frequent use, this wax will be used up completely and not noticed by the user. For long time storage, the wax will not be used up as frequently and will be seen as a grey film on the surface.

    To restore to its original condition, please hand wash in warm dishwater.

  • What is the difference between the different CompM models?

    The principle is the same in all Aimpoint® CompML and CompM sights. You always look with both eyes open, there is no eye relief to take into consideration and they are parallax free.

    The CompM is the first generation of CompM sights, the CompM4 is the fourth generation. The CompM3 is still in use.

    The CompML models are not compatible with NVD (night vision devices).

    The CompM models are compatible with all generation of NVDs.

    The first, second and third generation of CompM sights are mounted with one mounting ring for either weaver or Picatinny rails, and they use one DL 1/3N battery.

    The CompM4 sights have a patented integrated mount for Picatinny rail in the housing and don’t require an extra mounting ring, and they use a AA battery.

    For further comparison between the different products, use the Product Finder and tick Compare for the products that you wish to compare.

  • How do I become an Aimpoint® dealer?

    In USA:
    Dealership eligibility and requirements for the USA may be obtained by contacting Aimpoint Inc. at 1-877-246-7646 or e-mailing at

    In Sweden:
    Please contact Aimpoint AB at 040-671 50 20 or e-mail at

    In the rest of the world:
    For dealership eligibility and requirements please contact the Aimpoint® distributor or agent in your country. Find your distributor here.

  • What is the difference between the Aimpoint® hunting products?

    The Aimpoint® sight portfolio for hunting and sport shooting contains the 9000, Hunter and Micro models, they have different lengths and designs.

    The principle of the sights is the same for all models. No magnification, aim with both eyes open, no specific eye relief to take into consideration. The different lengths of the sights are for different lengths of the action of the firearm you mount it on.

    The 9000 and Hunter series of sights are mounted to the firearm with 2 rings. The CompC3 uses one wide ring, and the Micro H-1 has an integrated mount for Weaver rail in the housing and don’t require an extra mounting ring.

    For further comparison between the different products, use the Product Finder and tick Compare for the products that you wish to compare.

  • I have just bought an Aimpoint® sight, how do I know that it is the genuine article and not an inferior copy?

    Aimpoint manufactures high quality aiming devices that are trusted by professionals, hunters and sport shooters around the world.

    In order to assist our loyal customers in verifying that the aiming systems that they purchase are authenticable Aimpoint® products we recommend you to read the How to identify copies.

    Our customer service department will also be happy to answer questions and assist you.

    Before you contact us, make sure that you have the model number and the serial number of the product that you are enquiring about.

    Should you have a question, or require advice on how to purchase authentic Aimpoint products, please contact us:

    Rest of the world:
    Phone: +46 40 671 50 20 or E-mail:

    Phone: (+1) 703 263 9795 or E-mail:

  • I am wondering if I can buy a sight directly from you, or if I have to buy it from a dealer?

    Aimpoint does not want to compete against its dealers, agents and distributors. Therefore we recommend you to contact your favorite gun shop, or the Aimpoint representatives in your country.

    A list of agents and distributors for the rest of the world can be found at Where to buy.

    US customers can buy our directly from Aimpoint Inc. here.

  • Is the front lens of your Aimpoint® sight tilted?

    Don't panic, it's the way it should be.

    The red dot in your Aimpoint® sight is generated by a Light Emitting Diode (LED), projecting red light onto the inside of the front lens.

    In order to achieve exceptional optical performance, the front lens has to be tilted in relation to the placement of the LED. On some of our sights this is more apparent than on others depending on the design of the optical system.



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