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  • The red dot does not appear

    The battery might be discharged, replace battery.

    The battery might not be installed correctly, please see user manual for installation instructions.

    The battery is not making contact, clean contact surfaces and reinstall battery.

    Has the battery cap been tightened enough? If you're not sure, you should tighten the cap and try again. Read more >>

    The switch button is defective, check our repair policy.

  • Impossible to zero my sight

    When the sight comes out from the factory, the dot is has been centered in the sight. Normally this means that only small adjustments are necessary, providing that the weapon rail is properly aligned.

    Do not continue to adjust windage and elevation mechanisms if you encounter resistance; instead check alignment of the rail (or carry handle) to the barrel.

    If the impact point is moving, check the mount and the weapon rail’s (or carry handle) stability.

    If you still cannot zero your sight, check our repair policy.

  • The dot does not appear to be round

    If the dot does not appear to be perfectly round, this is probably caused by the way that your eye perceives the dot, rather than by some mechanical defect. Due to differences in individuals' eyes, round objects that subtend areas near 3 minutes-of-angle (MOA) may appear in a variety of shapes depending on the individual and other environmental influences. Inexpensive red dot sights sometimes have manufacturing defects that can cause the dot to be an odd shape.

    A simple test that can be easily performed will allow you to determine the cause of the perceived variation:

    • Turn the sight on and look through as you normally would. (This test is easiest when the sight is not mounted on the firearm, but can be performed with the sight mounted as well. Just make sure that the firearm is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction.)
    • While continuing to look through the sight, roll the sight on its optical axis.
    • If the dot's irregularities seem to revolve around the center of the dot like the spokes of a wheel, there is a mechanical defect causing the distortion.
    • If the dot does not roll with the sight, the variation is caused by the way your eye perceives the dot. This is not to say that you don't have good vision. You can see clearly and still perceive an anomaly in objects this small.

    This effect is less pronounced in sights with larger dots. A bigger dot appears to the human eye to be more round than a small dot. The Diode dot is round, when mounted into the sight, but might appear not to be round due to the condition of the human eye. More people will see the dot in a sight with a 10 minute-of-angle dot as being perfectly round than will be able to see a 3 MOA dot as round. The smaller the dot, the more people will experience it as not round.

  • The battery cap on my Micro™ sight keep spinning when tightening the battery cap, how hard shall it be tightened?

    This is normal for all Aimpoint® Micro series sight the power intensity adjustment control moves when tightening the battery cap.
    When tightening the battery cap use the Aimpoint® Tool to firmly tighten until resistance is encountered, proceed to tighten until the battery cap comes to a stop.

    See our how to tighten the battery cap on Micro series sights here >>


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