Improve Your Shooting

How to Improve Your Shooting with a Red Dot Sight Dry training exercises and basic tips

Get ready to get the most out of your red dot sight and improve your shooting skills with basic tips and exercises recommended by Aimpoint. 

There is one main rule and it’s simple.
Keep both eyes open!

You lose valuable time focusing through the sight rather than focusing on the target. You also lose eye contact with the target and you don’t get a general view of the situation and surroundings.

After performing these exercises, you will see how much easier and faster it is to aim your firearm with an Aimpoint® sight and you will improve your shooting.

Aimpoint recommend shooting training on regular basis for all shooters.

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Caution! Always place your firearm in a safe condition prior to handling or making any of the exercises demonstrated below.

Basic tips to improve your shooting skills

1. Gun Fitting

Correct gun fitting is the key to get the most out of your Aimpoint® sight. When the gun is mounted to the shoulder and cheek, the red dot in the Aimpoint red dot should be aligned with the eye.

2. Use Both Eyes Open

Use both eyes open and force yourself to keep the focus on the target where you want to place the shot.

3. Create a hit

Have a plan how to create a hit. Plan your movement from the time you see your target to the time you squeeze the trigger.

4.    In action - Mount the gun

Mount the gun, bring the Aimpoint® red dot with a controlled movement to your focus point and squeeze the trigger. Do not lose focus from the target.

Exercise 1 for shooters used to aim with both eyes open

1. For a moment, lower your firearm and focus both eyes on the target.

2. Next, without taking your eyes off the target, bring your firearm into position so that you are now looking at the target through the Aimpoint® sight (see image).

Aimpoint® lens cover open

3. With your firearm shouldered, with both eyes open and focused on the target, the dot will naturally appear where you want your shot to hit (see image).

It is that easy!
When the dot is on target, so are you.


Aimpoint® Target

Since all Aimpoint® sights are parallax free, you never have to worry about centering the red dot inside the sight.

Exercise 2 for shooters not used to aim with both eyes open

If you are not used to use both open when shooting and experience some trouble to aim with both eyes open.

Try this simple dry training exercise as practice:
1.    Cover the front lens on your Aimpoint® sight.
2.    Adjust the brightness of the Aimpoint red dot. 
3.    Focus with both eyes open on the target.
4.    Bring your firearm into position while keeping both eyes focused on the target (see image).

Aimpoint® Closed front lens cover

5.    Now you will be able to see the red dot on the target with the shooting eye and the target with the other. If you close the non-shooting eye you will not be able to see the target.

Practicing this simple procedure will get you comfortable with keeping both eyes open while aiming at the target. That is because with a traditional sight, your field of view is limited.

Aimpoint® Target

Please note: We do not recommend that you utilize the closed or covered objective when shooting live ammunition.
This is just a way to train and get comfortable shooting with both eyes open.