Win a spot at the

Aimpoint Shooting Academy

Aimpoint and Humbert CTTS present the Aimpoint Shooting Academy 2016 competition

20 participants win a spot at the Aimpoint Shooting Academy taking place in France late June 2016. A shooting instructor from Aimpoint will conduct a day of training with the goal of improving the shooting skills of these lucky winners. The participants will get exclusive training in shooting techniques and shooting moving game. Also, each of the 20 winners will get an Aimpoint® Micro H-2. 

30 additional lucky winners will be selected to receive an exclusive package from Aimpoint including: 

  • An Aimpoint rifle sling
  • An Aimpoint cap
  • A Wildboar Fever 7 DVD

This competition runs until June 12 2016. 


Click here to participate!