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Wild Boar Fever 9 Wild Boar - Europe's favorite game animal

Wild Boar Fever 9 from 2018 includes 8 episodes that showcase the most exciting driven boar hunting from some of the finest rifle shots in the world hunting Europe’s favorite game animal. Watch the first 4 episodes to experience the thrill and learn the essentials of driven boar hunting from one of the best.

Franz Albrecht Oettingen-Spielberg is a sportsman and conservationist with a passion for driven boar hunting.

From what it takes to prepare for a driven shoot, to the habits and habitat of European wild boar, to the nuance required to shoot them at the highest levels; put yourself in the thick of the action from start to finish.

The next 4 episodes feature Franz-Albrecht Oettingen-Spielberg plus hunters from South Africa, Sweden, the United States, Germany and France experiencing spectacular driven boar hunting in Croatia.

The shooting is challenging, the boar are fast and cunning, and the stakes are high. The horns are sounding and the drive is about to begin. Take your position on the line, this, is Wild Boar Fever…