Wild Boar Fever

Driven Boar Hunting
with fast target acquisition

Watch Aimpoints choice of hunting moments from 
France in Wild Boar Fever X released in 2019.

Wild Boar Fever X The 10th season of the celebrated driven hunt film series

Join the hunting trip of a lifetime in the Sologne region of France in this Wild Boar Fever film from 2019 where you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the world’s finest driven-boar shooters.

The team, including Franz-Albrecht, hunt the indomitable driven wild boar in some of Europe’s most productive game country in spectacular fashion.

The horns are sounding, the dogs are loose and the drive is on, calm your nerves, shoulder your rifle and get ready: this is Wild Boar Fever X.

Celebrating its 10th season as the most celebrated driven boar series ever produced, Wild Boar Fever X takes the genre to the next level. Never has the action of a driven hunt been captured this way, putting viewers closer than ever before. Some of the most exciting wild boar sequences ever filmed have been shot from multiple angles, with forest-cams, in slo-motion and from above with drones.

As the largest hunting production ever filmed in Europe, Wild Boar Fever X immerses you in the full driven boar experience, as if you were there in the thick of it; this is Wild Boar Fever X.