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Media Portal

The Aimpoint Media Portal is a platform for media file sharing, administered by Aimpoint. The portal gives access to a wide variety of digital Aimpoint material, such as images, videos, graphics and more. Standard Aimpoint product information like product sheets, user manuals, zeroing targets, and warranties is accessible here on the Aimpoint website.

The presented media files can be used for free to promote or present Aimpoint products, the brand or company in advertising or editorial coverage. For more information about file usage read our terms and conditions of use.

Access to the media portal requires a password protected personal user account and approved consent of both terms of use and privacy policy upon user account request.

All personal information will be kept secure and handled according to the EU GDPR Legislation. For more information, read our privacy policy.

Usage requirements

Access to the Aimpoint Media Portal requires:

  • A user account with valid username
    and password
  • Acceptance of the below Terms and
    Conditions of Use
  • Acceptance of the Aimpoint Privacy Policy