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Acro™ Mount for Blaser rifles  - 1
Acro™ Mount for Blaser rifles  - 2
Acro™ Mount for Blaser rifles  - 3
Acro™ Mount for Blaser rifles  - 4

Intended use

  • Hunting


Acro™ Mount for Blaser rifles


  • Saddle mount for Acro C-2 and Acro C-1 sights

  • Fits all Blaser rifles except shotguns

  • Attach directly to the mounting interface on the barrel

  • Allows for fast mounting and dismounting without loss of zero

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  • Take your shooting performance to the next level

  • Aimpoint - The originalsince 1975

Product description

This mount with Acro™ interface fits all Blaser rifles except shotguns. The mount is attached directly to the weapon's two mounting points on the barrel.

The quick detach levers allows for mounting and dismounting quickly without loss of zero.

The mount is adjustable with Torx 10 allen key.

Specifications & documents

  • General specifications
  • Mounting specifications
  • Documents and zeroing targets

General specifications

Mounting platform
Mounting platform
Blaser Interface

Mounting specifications

Torque - Mount to sight
Max 3.0 Nm / 27 in-lbs
Torque - Mount to rail
Max 1.5 Nm / 13 in-lbs

Documents and zeroing targets