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Hot, sweaty, and a long way from finished, successfully completing the mission is the only priority. Your chest is pounding, and you feel every ounce of gear. You check your Aimpoint® sight – it’s on. This is the moment. “Always ready, Always on” is the Aimpoint® promise we stand behind. The single red dot reticle has been proven as the fastest possible method for acquiring difficult targets. Aimpoint® sights have been soldier tested and combat proven under the most extreme environmental conditions. When the red dot is on target, so are you. With ease of use, there is a heightened level of confidence. This is the genesis of shooting with both eyes open – the concept behind all Aimpoint® sights. Remaining focused on the target while being fully situationally aware enhances critical decision making during rapidly developing tactical situations. Increased confidence leads to increased success in the field.