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About us

Aimpoint is a Swedish manufacturer of red dot sights. We invented the red dot sight in 1975. Here you can learn more about our history and core values, but also explore news and upcoming events. 

Our history

Aimpoint® is one of few large international companies in the optical industry that can trace its origin to a toilet roll.

It all started in 1974, when technician and inventor Arne Ekstrand wanted to improve his accuracy on moving targets during hunting and while on the shooting range. The idea of a red dot sight was hatched when Arne stood and shaved in front of the mirror and saw that the light reflection on the wall behind him did not move, regardless of whether he was moving his head or not. Arne got an idea and started sketching a concept that resulted in a prototype based on an empty toilet roll.

Arne Ekstrand himself did not have the financial strength to take the project further. Instead, he contacted visionary and entrepreneur Gunnar Sandberg from the company ElektroSandberg.

Our core values

Our vision is to give the world the fastest, easiest, and most accurate shooting experience.

Our mission is to develop, manufacture, market and sell high-tech red dot sights and related services for hunters, sport shooters and professional users alike.

Products from Aimpoint must be reliable and provide great benefits for our users. Aimpoint shall be known as a high-tech company with the best and most high-quality products of its kind on the market.

News & Events

Stay in the loop regarding updates on news and events. Below you can choose to view the latest news related to Aimpoint or learn more about future events.