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Open Your Eyes...

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The Original Red Dot Sight

The Original Red Dot Sight

No.1 Choice For Combined Speed And Accuracy

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We've Done The Science

We've Done The Science
You Pull The Trigger

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Always Ready

Always Ready
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Only for E-club members!

Recipe for Roe Deer Burgers

Our Aimpoint E-club members have access to recipes from the famous Swedish chef Peter J Skogström. Available now is a new recipe for roe deer burgers! Also, exclusive never before seen movie clips from the Safari hunt with the Samuelsson brothers are available when you log in. And don't miss our Wild Boar Hunt game! 

Is the front lens of your Aimpoint® sight tilted?

Don't panic, it's the way it should be.

The red dot in your Aimpoint® sight is generated by a Light Emitting Diode (LED), projecting red light onto the inside of the front lens.

In order to achieve exceptional optical performance, the front lens has to be tilted in relation to the placement of the LED. On some of our sights this is more apparent than on others depending on the design of the optical system.

The Aimpoint Sight watch it in action!

Realize the benefits with no magnification and both eyes open! 

Get full hunting situation awareness!

Adventure game online with Aimpoint® red dot sight

Play the adventure game "The Driven hunt experience by Aimpoint" online! Test your shooting skills in different realistic hunting environments.

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