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Lens cover flip-up rear kit Complete for Aimpoint® MPS3 - 1
Lens cover flip-up rear kit Complete for Aimpoint® MPS3 - 2

Intended use

  • Military


Lens cover flip-up rear kitCompletefor Aimpoint® MPS3


  • Complete kit including rear transparent flip-up lens cover and adapter for Aimpoint® MPS3

  • Transparent flip-up rear lens cover with adapter

  • Allows you to see even when the cover is closed

  • Protects and keeps the lens dry and free from both dust, debris, and dirt

  • Prevents lens damage during storage and transport

  • Cover flip open and stay in set position until closed

Product description

See-thru protective flip-up cover slides over rear lens for added protection. Transparent lens covers makes it possible to see and use the sight with closed covers.

The use of transparent lens covers protect lenses from scratches and keep the optic free from dust and debris during transport and storage . The flip-up function provides fast access to rain free and clean lenses when sight is in use , once its open the lid stays up until its manually closed again.