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Micro™ Mount for Leupold QR  - 1
Micro™ Mount for Leupold QR  - 2
Micro™ Mount for Leupold QR  - 3

Intended use

  • Hunting


Micro™ Mountfor Leupold QR


  • The Leupold QR mount for Aimpoint® Micro H-2 and Micro H-1 uses both anchor points of the Leupold base, for an ideal stability and function

  • The mount is suitable for all Leupold QR bases with two anchor points, positioned between 90 mm – 135 mm (3.5 in – 5.3 in) apart

  • The quick mounting using two levers, makes it possible to swiftly dismount and remount without the accuracy being affected

  • Take your shooting performance to the next level

  • Aimpoint - The originalsince 1975

Specifications & documents

  • General specifications

General specifications

Mounting platform
Mounting platform
Leupold QR Base