MSM AIMPOINT 001-75 FCS Series


The Aimpoint® FCS™ (Fire Control System) is a multi-weapon sight for use on crew served support weapons and vehicle mounted machine guns. The tremendous increase in First Hit Probability drastically reduces training time, ammunition consumption, and risk for collateral damage. The Aimpoint® Fire Control System increases lethality and reduces gunner fatigue.
The FCS™ series allows engagement on moving targets no matter what weapon platform is used, and it also automatically compensates for the ballistic drop of projectiles at measured distances, factoring many different variables.

  • Elimination of targeting errors - Such as range estimation and terrain angle.
  • Nighttime capability – The FCS™ series can be used together with all generations of image intensifiers (like PVS14 and PVS31).
  • Thermal capability – The thermal clip-on TH60 offers high resolution within the thermal area.
  • Airburst capability – The FCS™ series can already program most of the 40 mm HV Airburst ammo on the market, and more will come.
  • Versatile use - The MW capability allows the same Fire Control System to be used on many weapon platforms.
  • Note: Export License/End-user Certificate required for this product.