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Why choose Aimpoint?

Read more and explore the advantages of using a red dot sight from Aimpoint and how it compares to other alternatives. Whether you are an experienced shooter or a beginner looking to improve your accuracy, a red dot sight offers unparalleled speed, ease of use and versatility in a variety of situations.

The technology behind the red dot sight

The technology behind the red dot sight allows the shooter to fully utilize their natural instincts - keeping both eyes open and focusing on the target. As the shooter focuses on the target, the brain instinctively registers the red dot projected by the sight.

This enables the shooter to easily place the red dot on the target, maintaining situational awareness. Once zeroed correctly, there's no need to center the dot within the sight. Where the red dot is, your shot will hit. This fusion of speed and precision makes a red dot sight from Aimpoint the prime choice for both novice and seasoned hunters.

A red dot sight has no magnification and eliminates any optical distortion. The red dot isn't projected onto the target, it is only seen by the user. Powered by an eye-safe LED, the red dot sight avoids the risks associated with laser sights that project a potentially harmful laser point onto the target.

The red dot comes in different sizes, measured in MOA (minutes of angle).

Red dot sights compared to iron sights and magnifying scopes

Various types of optics are available in the market. In terms of speed and precision, the red dot sight excels over iron sights and magnifying scopes, offering distinct advantages.

Extensive testing demonstrates that the red dot stands out as the optimal reticle for swift target acquisition, particularly on moving targets. This sight enables you to maintain focus on your target, while the ability to shoot with both eyes open ensures you remain aware of your surroundings.

Aimpoint's red dot sights are parallax-free, ensuring that the point of impact stays aligned with the barrel, regardless of your eye's angle relative to the sight. This eliminates concerns about the red dot being off-center in the sight. The point of aim always coincides with the point of impact, given that the red dot sight is zeroed correctly

Iron sights

With iron sights, the shooter must line up the rear sight with the front, which can cause the shooter to lose valuable time at the range or in the woods.

Magnifying scopes

With a magnifying scope, you need to close one eye to find the target, compromising your situational awareness. Additionally, you must position your eye at a precise distance from the scope (eye relief) to achieve an optimal sight picture. This consumes precious time in situations where every second counts.

Different red dot sizes

The picture demonstrates the MOA red dot sizes at a distance of 100 meters.

The size of the red dot is measured in MOA, which stands for "minutes of angle," representing angular minutes - a unit used for angular measurement of a circle.

1 MOA corresponds to 1/60 of a degree. Hence, a smaller red dot covers a more limited area of the target compared to a larger red dot.

Sounds complex? Below, you'll find an explanation of each MOA size and how it is perceived through the red dot sight.


The smaller 2 MOA point does not obscure the target even if the target is small and far away. If necessary, you can increase the intensity to overexpose the point, making it look bigger. 


The 4 MOA red dot offers a perfect balance between close-range and long-distance shots with maintained precision. This dot size may also be appropriate if you perceive the 2 MOA dot as unsymmetrical.


For close range and fast-moving targets where split seconds matter, the 6 MOA point is the optimal choice. The point is large, bright, and easy to spot, which helps the shooter to quickly acquire the target. Perfect for IPSC shooters, dog handlers, etc.

Adjusting the red dot brightness

With a red dot sight from Aimpoint, you can easily adjust the brightness of the red dot to suit different lighting conditions. A change in brightness can also make the point appear larger or smaller.

This adjustment is made quick and easy using a mechanical knob or digital push buttons. Our knobs and push buttons are not affected by low temperatures and can be used while wearing gloves.

Some shooters prefer to increase the brightness of the red dot in situations with fast-moving targets for quicker target acquisition. Similarly, reducing the brightness can make the red dot appear smaller and thus provide better precision at longer range.

Maintaining speed and precision with both eyes open

A traditional rifle scope is well suited for long-range shooting, but when an animal or target moves at high speed at close range, shooting becomes more difficult. A rifle scope also requires the shooter to close one eye to focus on the target. 

A red dot sight from Aimpoint improves your accuracy as it allows you to focus on the target and fire with both eyes open. This allows you to focus on the target without impairing your situational awareness. There is usually plenty of time when practicing at the shooting range, but out in the woods or on the competition, things happen a lot faster.

As a hunter or sport shooter, you'll undoubtedly encounter a vast variety of conditions that challenge both you and your equipment. Thus, selecting a high-quality red dot sight becomes an important factor. Though numerous competitors try to stay on par with Aimpoint, they lack the reliability and quality that an Aimpoint red dot sight has gained and proven over the years.

World-class quality

Each red dot sight is hand-assembled within one of our production facilities in Sweden, adhering to ISO 9001:2015 standards. This intricate process takes place within a controlled "clean room" environment, using specialized equipment. Every sight receives a serial number and undergoes rigorous testing and quality assessment throughout its fabrication.

These assessments guarantee the resilience of our red dot sights in a wide array of climates, spanning from subzero temperatures to extreme heat and humidity. Several sight models are even engineered to withstand submersion in water depths of up to 45 meters!

Most of our red dot sights have an impressive battery life of 50,000 hours. A subset of our professional-grade red dot sights takes it even further with a remarkable 80,000 hours (over 8 years) of battery life.

Never settle for good enough. Choose a red dot sight from Aimpoint.

A selection of our products

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