Hunter Series Aimpoint


The Aimpoint® Hunter series of red dot sights is built for hunters seeking enhanced optical performance in a traditional optic design. With extreme attention to details, the Hunter™ series line of optics is designed to remain classic in its form with 2 rings mounting system but modern in its functionality. Unique to the Hunter Series line is the silent and distinct brightness intensity push buttons. Whether the hunter is wearing gloves or not, the digital push buttons can be adjusted quickly.

  • 5 years constant-on - the single CR2032 battery offers years of use with unmatched reliability.
  • 2 MOA red dot size for an ultimate accuracy.
  • Transparent flip-up lens covers - transparent lens covers are included and allow engagement even when there is no time to open them.
  • 34 mm tube – only available in the H34 series - for even larger field of view - large number of rings are available on the market.
  • 30 mm tube – available in the H30 series - large number of rings are available on the market.
  • Available in long or short version - the short version “S” being used for standard rifle actions while the long version “L” is for magnum rifle actions.
  • Forward mounted adjustment system – constructions eliminating the sensation of aiming through a tube.
  • Rubber push buttons – for a silent and distinct brightness intensity adjustment.
  • Zeroing tool always available – the tool is part of the sight and is always available if needed.
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