Micro Series Aimpoint


The Aimpoint® Micro series sights set the industry standard for extremely durable, compact, and versatile red dot reflex optics. Trusted by hunters, competitive shooters, and elite professionals worldwide, the Micro™ series delivers exceptional optical performance, while adding negligible size and weight to the equipment. Unparalleled in mounting solutions, the ultra-versatile Micro series is the top choice for speed and accuracy for virtually any application. These optics are equally at home when used on AR platforms, shotguns, archery equipment, or dangerous game rifles. The Micro sights are built to handle heavy recoil and is extremely user-friendly for any skill level. When facing the harshest and most critical conditions, the Aimpoint Micro series line of optics is your choice.

  • 5 years constant-on - the single CR2032 battery offers years of use with unmatched reliability.
  • Different dot size available – depending on the Micro sight model, the size of the dot is available in 2, 4 or 6 MOA (Minute of Angle).
  • Extremely rugged design – makes it a preferred choice when size, weight and durability are required.
  • Flip-up lens covers included – to keep the lenses clean and dry.
  • Submersible – can be submerged to 25 m depending on the models.
  • Fits most firearms – there are plenty of mounting solutions available.
  • Compatible with all generations NVD – allows for use in any light conditions – available on specific models.
  • Zeroing tool always available – the tool is part of the sight and is always available if needed.
  • On a magnifying scope – can be used as a secondary optic for close range situations.
  • Sport shooting – 2 sights on the same rifle– one mounted on the rail, one on a 45-degree position to cover ranges from 2 – 100 meters.
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