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Venison is both nutritious and environmentally friendly. The meat stems from wild game that have grazed freely and eaten birch shoots, conifer, grass, leaf and herbs that are rich on minerals.

Wild boar stew with apricots, almonds and juniper berries

Wild boar stew with apricots, almonds and juniper berries

Watch chef Peter Skogström prepare this dish

Recipe (4 servings)

Qty. Ingredients
2 lb / 900 g Wild Boar Shoulder/Collar
3 tbsp Tomato Puree
2 cup / 5 dl Red Wine
4 cup / 1 l Stock
8 pcs Bay Leaves
4 pcs Thyme Twigs
1 pcs Garlic Colve, Whole
10 pcs Juniper Berries
2 pcs Shallots, Sliced
0,5 cup / 1 dl Raisins
15 pcs Apricots, Dried
0,5 cup / 1 dl Almonds, Roasted
0,5 cup / 1 dl Herbs, Mixed


1. Cut the meat in cubes, 2-3 cm, and brown in butter, season with salt and pepper.

2. Add the tomato puree, wine and stock, bring to a boil and skim. If you own a pressure cooker you can use that. It’ll save you time and you’ll get a wonderful and rich stew.

3. Add the bay leaves, thyme, garlic and juniper berriers and let it cook in the pressure cooker for about 35 minutes, or if you use a regular pot, let it simmer on the stove for 2 hours.

4. Fry the sliced onions together with almonds, apricots and raisins, and add it to the stew together with the diced potatoes.

5. Let it cook for 5 minutes then add the herbs, and if needed, thicken with cornstarch and season with salt and pepper.

Serve with

Boiled Potatoes, chopped and unpeeled.