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Venison is both nutritious and environmentally friendly. The meat stems from wild game that have grazed freely and eaten birch shoots, conifer, grass, leaf and herbs that are rich on minerals.

Wild chili stew with bread and sour cream

Wild chili stew with bread and sour cream

Watch chef Peter Skogström prepare this dish

Recipe (6 servings)

Qty. Ingredients
1.5 lb / 600 g Fallow Deer Mince
2 pcs Yellow Onion, Shredded
1 pcs Onion Clove, Chopped
2 cup / 4 dl Potatoes, Diced
1 cup / 2 dl Carrots, Diced
1 can Tomatoes, Whole
1 pcs Lemon
1 cup / 2 dl Red Wine
3.5 cup / 7,5 dl Chicken Stock
1 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
1 tbsp Thyme
1 tbsp Chili
1 can White Beans
  Salt and Pepper


The stew

1. Start with the vegetables.

2. Brown the mince in butter.

3. Add onion, potatoes and carrots.

4. Add spices, tomatoes, wine, stock and Worcestershire sauce.

5. Cook for 15 min.

6. Season with salt and pepper.

7. Simmer until thickened.


Serve the chilli with sourdough bread and sour cream.